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TempSmart™ is a mattress topper with a thermo-regulation system that actively balances the temperature changes that can disturb your sleep.

This innovative technology consists of millions of microcapsules, adapting constantly to your skin’s climate, by absorbing, storing and releasing excess heat as needed. In this way, the microcapsules create a buffer against overheating/perspiration as well as cold/shivering and keep you within your comfort zone, with great sleep quality as a result. That is why TempSmart™ is ideal for anyone who has trouble with keeping a steady body temperature through the night.

TempSmart™ features a core of Innergetic® latex with an open cell structure, for optimum air and moisture transportation. The filling material is both perforated and grooved. The perforation ensures optimum ventilation, while the grooving provides a softer and firmer side. Bacteria and dust mite dislike latex, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bed climate. The mattress topper also has Soft Touch for an extra soft feel.

Sensity™ is a mattress cover that uses active probiotic bacteria to keep your bed naturally fresh, dry and more hygienic. Probiotic bacteria exist organically in nature and are used in the unique Sensity™ patented technology in order to give you a truly refreshing sleep experience.

Probiotic microflora are incorporated into the fabric in the form of microencapsulated spores. These microorganisms remain inactive until they are released by the friction that occurs between the sleeper’s body and the mattress. Sensity™ can be found in all our mattress toppers.

FILLING: Innergetic® Latex
HEIGHT: 9 cm