Everyone knows someone who snores and if you don’t, chances are that it’s you. According to The Canadian Society of Otolaryngology, almost half of all adults snore at least sometimes and 25% of people do it on a regular basis.

If you are a snorer though, don’t worry too much as you’re probably nowhere near the Guinness World record for the loudest snore. Kare Walkert from Sweden has the loudest registered snore reaching an incredible 93 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise level a lawnmower makes. In case you were wondering, sustained exposure to noise levels above 90 decibels is considered dangerous for your hearing, so if you think Kare is no competition for you, please make sure your loved ones use some form of ear protection!

Talking about loved ones, according to Dream Sleep Respiratory, snoring is the third leading cause of divorce in the US after infidelity and financial issues. If you are a loud snorer please show your dearest some love and prepare them breakfast in bed every so often, they will probably have had trouble achieving REM sleep during the night. If you don’t know what REM sleep is, make sure to check out our blog article on “What happens when we sleep”.

There are many causes of snoring; sleep position, obesity, sleep apnea, anatomy, and alcohol consumption are some of the main factors involved.

Regarding sleep position, lying on your back seems to increase the likelihood of snoring, so if you’re a snorer you could try sleeping on your side. Fortunately for you, the Jensen Original Zone System, with a softer area for your shoulders, is ideal for sleeping on your side as it allows the shoulder to sink deeper into the mattress, relieving pressure on the joint, giving it more space to move and also helping keep your spine aligned.

Happy snoring!

Note: If you are a snorer, it might prove useful to seek medical advice as snoring can be a symptom of underlying health issues.