MADE IN NORWAY All Jensen beds and mattresses are designed and manufactured in Norway.

JENSEN® ORIGINAL ZONE SYSTEM combines a soft shoulder zone with firm support for the lower back.

JENSEN POCKET ON POCKET TECHNOLOGY is our brand new and upgraded spring system. Jensen Pocket on Pocket in all layers of the bed lets the body sink deeper into the mattress, while getting the support it needs. Pocket springs in the lower spring section provide stable comfort without annoying movements towards the sides (double beds).

JENSEN ALOY® 2.0 is our best and most flexible spring system, continuously adapting to your changing sleeping position and weight distribution, with a softer shoulder zone.

WASHABLE All sleep surfaces are washable at 60°C for optimal hygiene.

A WHOLE SLEEPING SURFACE Our continental beds and Seamless Nordic beds have whole sleeping surfaces, without hard edges in the middle. However, the technology still allows one to choose the degree of firmness individually.

STRETCH in all sleeping surfaces lets the body sink into the bed and get support and relief from the zone-divided spring system.

TESTED & APPROVED Jensen beds are tested and approved by AEH, a neutral test institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Every bed is certified and undergoes thorough testing in terms of ergonomics, hygiene, bed climate and durability.

JENSEN® GUARANTEE & SAFETY All Jensen beds come with a five-year full guarantee and a 25-year guarantee against frame and spring breakages.

THE SWAN Most of the Jensen products carry the Swan label, out of consideration for both you and the environment. Any product labelled with the Swan also has to satisfy strict requirements regarding the product’s environmental impact throughout its lifespan – from raw materials to disposal or recycling.