Have you ever become aware that you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep? If you have answered yes it probably means you were having a lucid dream.

Dreaming is an involuntary process that happens when we sleep. It is a sensory experience where one can see, feel, hear, and even smell and taste during sleep… I’m quite sure you know what I’m talking about because all humans dream! That being said, not everyone is able to remember their dreams which can lead them into thinking that they don’t dream (but they do).

Now onto lucid dreams. Imagine that not only can you remember the dream you had the night before but you’re actually aware in real-time that you’re dreaming without waking up, congratulations you’re now lucid dreaming! While lucid dreaming, it is possible to have certain control over the dream. Imagine for a second you could control what happens in your dream, would you fly like superman? Or would you conjure the love of your life? If you have ever watched the film Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page this might all sound familiar to you.

Before you ask, yes, it is possible to learn how to Lucid dream, some experts even think it might be useful in treating nightmares although others think they are potentially disruptive to sleep. In any case, if this is something of interest to you, there are many online guides that may help you achieve lucid dreams.