Today, Jensen can proudly call itself the leading brand in Europe for beds and mattresses. Our history goes back to 14 February 1947, when a wave of optimism hit Norway in the wake of World War II. This optimism was also descriptive of the Jensen family.

At a time when access to materials was limited, one had to use what was available. The first Jensen mattresses were in fact made from horsehair and cotton wool. Naturally, much has changed since then, but the most important part lives on – our constant efforts to achieve the optimal sleep comfort.

We protect our roots and are still producing all our beds in beautiful Svelvik, in Vestfold county. The fact that our beds are “Made in Norway” is a testament to the fact that our products are held to the highest standards of quality.

At the same time, they represent the very best of Scandinavian design. By combining materials inspired by nature and textiles with timeless shapes, we create products with magnificent sleep comfort and which look beautiful.

Because of our history, inheritance and acquired knowledge, Jensen possesses a unique ability. That is why we allow ourselves to say that the sleep comfort in a Jensen bed is truly extraordinary.