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The bed comes as a complete set, with mattress, base, exact comfort adjustment, topper and legs. Please note that accessories, such as headboards and bedside tables, are sold separately.

Jensen Ambassador was launched in 1996 and is still going strong. These days it is one of the most renowned Jensen products. The Ambassador has developed a great deal through the years, and the bed has now been embellished with new fabrics and colours. The Aloy® 2.0 pocket spring system (12,5 cm) features an extra long and soft shoulder zone, that provides great flexibility and space for your shoulders. 

Aloy® 2.0 also has a built-in support for your lower back. An enhanced and dual-sprung base frame makes the Ambassador a very stable bed that provides great support and pressure relief. Ambassador has double stitching and an embroidered Jensen logo. 

Jensen Ambassador comes with Seamless. Seamless is a complete textile solution that covers the entire bed frame. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the beds’ new, elegant and unique look.


In order for you to have a good night’s sleep, during which your entire body rests comfortably, our experts recommend that you sleep either on your back or on your side. People who usually sleep on their stomachs and want to change their usual sleeping position can learn to sleep on their side or on their back.  This may take some time, but once your body has adjusted to your new sleeping position, you will discover that you sleep well, and you will also benefit more from the hours you spend in bed. 


If the bed feels too firm, you can lower the mattress in the hip region at the push of the button. If the bed feels too soft you can raise it. If you sleep on your side, our experts recommend that you make minor adjustments to prevent potential back pain.


Sleeping on your stomach can place a strain on your lower back. Exact Comfort Adjustment allows you to reduce this strain by raising the bed. If you lower the bed, the strain on your lower back is likely to increase, which is not advisable.


Most people who sleep on their back may experience greater comfort by lowering the bed using Exact Comfort Adjustment. Others may be more comfortable by raising the bed.

Height: 66 cm (including legs and topper).

 Nature 462
 Aqua 485
 Grey 465
 Anthracite 455
Velour Blue 369
Velour Purple 367
Velour Green 368
Velour Beige 366
Leatherlook Argent 709
Leatherlook Taupe 710




1. Tempsmart Topper 9 cm
2. Aloy® 2.0 Pocket 12.5 cm med Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Cellex XS 4 cm
4. Jensen Support Pocket 12.5 cm / Jensen Reflect Pocket 7cm


TempSmart™ is a mattress topper with a thermo regulating system that balances the temperature changes that cause a bad night’s sleep. This innovative technology consists of millions of microcapsules adapting constantly to your skin’s microclimate by absorbing, storing or releasing surplus body heat. These microcapsules form a buffer against overheating/perspiration as well as against getting cold/shivering. The result is a perfect body-temperature management that keeps you in the comfort zone and guarantees optimal sleep comfort. TempSmart™ is therefore ideal for anyone who has trouble maintaining a constant body temperature throughout the night.

TempSmart™ has a core of Innergetic® Latex with an open cell structure that ensures optimal air and moisture transportation. The filling material is both perforated and grooved. The perforation ensures optimal ventilation while the grooving provides a softer and a firmer side. Latex inhibits bacteria and dust mite, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bed climate. Dacron Quallofil® Allerban® fibres hamper the development of mould and dust mite. The mattress topper also has Soft Touch for an extra soft feeling.

Jensen Aloy ® 2.0 is our best and most flexible spring system, continuously adapting to your changing sleeping position and weight distribution. The spring system softens the entire mattress surface, since the firmer zones only come into function when your body sinks into the mattress.

Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most flexible of the body, and that this area is the one most exposed to injuries? This unstable joint is constantly exposed to pressure, especially if you sleep on your side. That is why we are launching Aloy ® 2.0. The secret is an upgraded Aloy ® spring system, with an extra soft shoulder zone - that gives your shoulders plenty of space.


 Oiled oak
 White washed oak
 Black oak
 Black matt
 Black steel
 Oiled oak
 White washed oak
 Black oak