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Jensen Ambassador was launched in 1996 and is still going strong. These days it is one of the most renowned Jensen products. Ambassador has a unique sleep comfort in an elegant wrapping.

Height 19 cm (not including topper).

Note: You need to complete your order with your choice of topper.

 Nature 462

1. Jensen topper of your choice
2. Aloy® 2.0 Pocket 12.5cm med Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Cellex XS 4cm

Jensen Aloy ® 2.0 is our best and most flexible spring system, continuously adapting to your changing sleeping position and weight distribution. The spring system softens the entire mattress surface, since the firmer zones only come into function when your body sinks into the mattress.

Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most flexible of the body, and that this area is the one most exposed to injuries? This unstable joint is constantly exposed to pressure, especially if you sleep on your side. That is why we are launching Aloy ® 2.0. The secret is an upgraded Aloy ® spring system, with an extra soft shoulder zone - that gives your shoulders plenty of space.