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This is Jensen’s introductory model in the Supreme collection. This is a product with great sleep comfort at a reasonable price.

Height 19 cm (not including topper).

Note: You need to complete your order with your choice of topper.


 Beige 497
 Anthracite 496
1. Jensen topper of your choice
2. Jensen Intro Pocket 12.5 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Cellex XS 3cm


A spring system whereby each spring is wrapped in a fabric bag (pocket). The consequence is that each spring works individually and this leads to improved pressure reduction and more equal pressure distribution. A steel edge at the top and the bottom of the springs provides substantial side stability. The system of five zones, with a soft shoulder zone and built-in support for the user’s lower back, increases comfort because it reduces the pressure and distributes it more evenly, irrespective of the person’s build or body position.