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The beds come as a complete set, with mattress, base, topper and legs.
Please note that accessories, such as headboards and bedside tables, are sold separately.


This is Jensen’s introductory model in the Majestic collection. This is a product with great sleep comfort at a reasonable price.

In a continental divan set you can experience Jensen sleep comfort at its very best, with Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology. The mattress has Double System with one softer and one firmer side.

By choosing a Seamless textile solution the entire bed frame is covered. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the beds’ new, elegant and unique look.

Height 65 cm (including legs and topper)

Technical specifications

1. Jensen SoftLine I
2. Jensen Intro Pocket 12.5 cm med Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Stopning Cellex XS 3cm
4. Jensen Support Pocket 12.5cm


SoftLine I Mattress Topper

Jensen SoftLine I features a Cellex XS 5 cm filling. Cellex XS has one smooth and one grooved side. Most people find the grooved side softer and the smooth side firmer. Cellex XS provides great air and moisture transportation. SoftLine I contains Lyocell with Sensity™, which keeps the bed fresh, dry and more hygienic.

Height: 8 cm

Jensen Intro spring

A spring system whereby each spring is wrapped in a fabric bag (pocket). The consequence is that each spring works individually and this leads to improved pressure reduction and more equal pressure distribution. A steel edge at the top and the bottom of the springs provides substantial side stability. The system of five zones, with a soft shoulder zone and built-in support for the user’s lower back, increases comfort because it reduces the pressure and distributes it more evenly, irrespective of the person’s build or body position.

Nature 291
 Anthracite 271
Grey 281
 Oiled oak
 White washed oak
 Black oak
 Black matt
 Black steel
 Oiled oak
 White washed oak
 Black oak