It’s that time of the year again, some people’s favourite, the time that most of us have been longing for. That time for relaxing on paradisiac beaches or climbing the highest mountains, all a way to unwind and disconnect from the real world for a while.

All these different ways to relax have the same thing in common, travel. We all need to come and go to these places, some choose to do so by plane, others by train or even by car, but we all, one way or another need to travel.

Let’s be honest, this is the beginning of our holiday. Don’t you think that we should do it in the most comfortable way possible? We have the perfect thing for you, the Jensen Travel Pillow.

The Jensen Pillow in travel size (27x47cm) is perfect to fit in any bag or suitcase, but at the same time, is the ideal size to provide you with much needed comfort during those long flights to your favourite holiday destination.

It has a sophisticated Jensen tag and is delivered in a lovely travel bag with an embroidered Jensen logo. All of this makes the Jensen Travel Pillow, a must when travelling. Get yours here.