Headboards date back to the Pharaoh’s in Egypt where they were used as a sign of social status, carved in ebony, silver and gold (clearly more for show than comfort).

The Greeks and Romans were somewhat more practical in their approach; they designed a basic wooden platform to protect themselves from cold drafts. The headboard also allowed them to eat and even socialise around the bed, making the bedroom the main entertaining area in the house. The Greeks updated the wooden and stone headboards with cushions for extra support, thus giving birth to the 21st century bed headboard we know of today.

Nowadays, in better heated and insulated residences, headboards serve a different purpose. They are essential to complete a bed and give your bedroom that sense of home and coziness that everyone wants to feel when going to sleep.

It is true that headboards have evolved a lot from the gold, silver and wooden platforms that were once used, but at Jensen Store we have headboards for everyone’s taste and standards.

Our Cozy headboard is one of the many beautiful headboards we have to offer. As its name suggests it provides a sense of warmth and safety, almost as if you were sleeping amongst the clouds. It is designed to look like a big pillow and offers soft and comfortable support when sitting up in bed. Its two large buttons in the middle give it that sophisticated touch of elegance to make it stand out in your bedroom.