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The sleep that makes your day.

Introducing the world of Jensen Sleep.

Good sleep is one of the keys to a healthy life. Your sleep health is our job. That's why we're not content with just building beds – we take a holistic approach to sleep health and help you with routines and accessories that improve your sleep. While we take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of the finest Jensen beds, mattresses and furniture, we go beyond our products. Each of our Jensen Stores are equipped with staff that have undergone thorough sleep coaching training and are experts in sleep-related issues, solutions, and products. We even provide the opportunity to directly connect with our in-house physiotherapist for personalized sleep guidance.

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Good Night Reviews

Gina Luckenkemper

In competitive sports, optimal regeneration is one of the most important components for outstanding performance. The Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment function in my Supreme Continental bed allows me to individually adjust the firmness of the mattress - depending on the training or competition situation.

Martin Ødegaard

Sleep and recovery are an important part of an athlete’s life. To be able to perform at my very best, I make sure I get enough sleep and rest.

João Manzarra

The more the years go by, the more I value my sleep. If before I could sleep in any place or corner, now I can only sleep in my Jensen bed. And what a bed! Almost 4,4 squaremeters of magical support and comfort all the way from top to bottom. The nights are longer now... but hey that's life!

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Jensen Store is your go-to online bed shop for premium beds, with physical locations in Marbella, Torrevieja, Palma Mallorca, and Lisbon. Our bed collection features a diverse range of luxury beds, including continental beds, adjustable beds, box spring beds, and mattress toppers, all exclusively crafted by Jensen Beds. Elevate your sleep experience with our meticulously designed mattresses, offering ultimate comfort and support. Whether you're searching for a nearby bed shop or prefer the convenience of online browsing, Jensen Store provides superior bedding solutions tailored to your preferences.