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Mattress Toppers

The right mattress topper helps make a good night’s sleep even better. It should feel soft and enveloping, while allowing the zones of the spring system in the layer beneath to give the necessary support. All our bed mattresses toppers are designed for this purpose. The materials used are carefully selected, complementing the nice design with increased stretch and softness. Together with Jensen's patented zone system, it allows your shoulder and hip to sink into the mattress and provides a sleeping comfort that helps you wake up completely rested.

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Sleep I Mattress Topper.
Sleep I Mattress Topper Sale priceFrom €280,00
Sleep I Split Mattress Topper.
Sleep I Split Mattress Topper Sale priceFrom €600,00
TempSmart™ Topper.
TempSmart™ Topper Sale priceFrom €650,00
TempSmart™ Split Topper.
TempSmart™ Split Topper Sale priceFrom €1.470,00
Optima Topper.
Optima Topper Sale priceFrom €850,00
Optima Split Topper.
Optima Split Topper Sale priceFrom €2.070,00