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Optima Split Topper

Sale price€2.070,00

A mattress topper developed for those who have an adjustable bed and desire a mattress topper that covers the entire bed, to avoid having a gap between sleeping partners. The top part of the topper is split, allowing you to raise or lower the head end of your bed without disturbing your partner. The foot end is just like a regular mattress topper. 

Jensen Optima features an Innergetic® latex filling. The open cell structure of Innergetic® provides excellent air and moisture transportation. The filling material is both perforated and grooved. The perforation ensures optimal ventilation. Most people find the grooved side softer and the smooth side firmer. Bacteria and dust mite dislike latex, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bed climate.

The voluminous and luxurious mattress topper has a lovely, quilted design. The cover is made in a Cairo quality that gives a fantastic ""soft touch"" feel. Cairo is a viscose of very high quality that has the best moisture-transporting and heat-regulating properties. The properties of the fabric make it feel extra comfortable against the body, and provide a delicate and luxurious experience. The mattress topper is washable at 60 ° C.

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