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Invest in sleep.

It is a fact that you get stronger if you sleep better. Sleep is an investment in quality of life. After all, you spend a third of your life in bed! Sleep is a basic need and a vital state that neither humans nor animals can live without for many days. In the short term, sleeping badly or insomnia causes concentration problems, mood swings and makes us a danger in traffic. In the long term, it results in a lowered resistance to sickness, speeds up the aging processes, de-energises us and even has social consequences.

Height, weight and body shape are important factors when buying a mattress. The mattress must provide comfortable support to your entire body and keep your spine as straight as possible. A good mattress should adapt and support your body and offer proper resistance so that your body can rest. This will allow you to relax and sleep better. The degree of firmness that you choose is therefore important and you should take your time when trying out a bed in the shop. The mattress must respond to your body’s impulses, making it easy to roll over in bed. It is particularly important that your shoulders and hips can sink into the bed. If your body can relax you will not wake up stiff in the morning. A good mattress also reduces the risk of incorrect pressure, back pain and restless sleep.

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