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It’s not just a bed. It’s a Jensen.

To give you the best sleep quality possible, our development team has expertise in physiology and sleep science. Our innovations focus on improving sleep comfort to limit the need to wake and change your position. Because the less disruption you experience while you sleep, the better.

Better sleep lets you dream bigger.

Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment

Little Book of Sleep

Spring systems for better sleep.

We understand sleep.

We develop beds with passion, craftsmanship – and science. Understanding the different stages of sleep and how the body recovers is essential to building better beds. Learn more about the importance of sleep quality and the comfort of our beds by watching the film.

The link between sleep comfort and sleep quality.

There are many reasons why we might wake up during sleep. Dreams, snoring or a sudden need to go to bathroom are all examples of this. But there are also instances where your bed or the conditions in which you sleep are the problem. Your bedroom might be too warm or cold, and the bed itself might not give the comfort you need to continue sleeping. 

If your bed is too hard your brain will signal a need to get out of deep sleep in order to move your body and relieve the discomfort. One example is positional paresthesia, where your arm falls asleep because you’re putting pressure on it. In short, if your bed doesn’t provide the necessary sleep comfort, you will not get enough time in the various stages of sleep. The result is that you feel tired in the morning. 

At Jensen, our aim is always to develop beds that provide the best possible sleep comfort, because this is the key to increasing the quality of your sleep. Below, we have listed some of the innovations that help you wake up fully rested – every morning.

Aloy® Spring System

A determining factor in mattress comfort is the spring system. Jensen Aloy® is our best and most flexible spring system, continuously adapting to your sleeping position and weight distribution. Patented and exclusive to Jensen beds, Aloy® gives your body the support it needs for you to wake up fully rested.

Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment.

Going through life, we all experience change to our bodies or temporary pain. In periods like these, small adjustments in mattress tension can mean big improvements to your sleep quality. Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment is available as an add-on for our Nordic- and Continental beds, giving you the possibility of adjusting mattress tension with just the push of a button.

TempSmart™ Topper.

Jensen TempSmart.

The optimal temperature for every bedroom is between 16–18 degrees. As the weather changes it can be a challenge to keep the temperature steady inside. As a result you might wake up several times a night because you feel too warm or cold. Knowing how vital the right temperature is for sleep quality, we have developed the Jensen TempSmart mattress topper, mattress protection and pillow. Made with innovative materials and fabrics, the technology uses millions of microcapsules that constantly adapt to your body by absorbing, storing or releasing body heat as required – creating a perfect environment for sleep comfort.

Lyra Headboard Jensen Store

Jensen Adjustable Beds.

Already in 1992 we launched the first adjustable bed on the market. Today, most of our beds can be ordered with the adjustable functionality, giving you the possibility to raise or lower the bed from both ends. Aside from optimizing sleep quality, this also lets you use the bed in new ways. For example watching TV or reading with comfort that is simply on another level. 

”Every Jensen Bed is carefully made to help you wake up fully rested.”

We have a no compromise philosophy when it comes to design, choice of materials and production methods. Our beds are still made with passion and craftsmanship in Svelvik, as they have since 1947.