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Our understanding of the body and sleep makes for better beds.

The key to making better beds is understanding how the body and specifically our sleep works. We believe that no one should be held back because they're tired, and since the start in 1947 we have strived to constantly create beds and mattresses that provide even better sleep quality. Our product development team has expert knowledge in physiology, sleep and beds. This means that we are constantly inventing new solutions and improvements that help us build even better beds and mattresses.

Our goal is that there should always be a Jensen bed that gives you the best sleeping comfort - regardless of your body type, weight and height or which sleeping position you prefer.

An important part of our development process is the testing of new materials and methods to ensure that they meet our high quality requirements. We collaborate with the AEH Institute (part of the Swiss State Institute of Technology) which specializes in work, health and ergonomics. Here, our beds are tested in ergonomics, hygiene, bed climate and durability. The basic idea is that everyone sleeps differently and the institute's quality stamp therefore acts as a guarantee that you will be able to choose a bed that suits you.

A passion for craftsmanship.

Sleep expertise.