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It’s not just a bed. It’s a Jensen.

We have developed beds since 1947. Then, as now, our aim is that everyone who chooses Jensen should get a bed that provides excellent sleep quality and helps them wake up rested, every morning. Our production methods, the materials and the technology we use are all the result of a passionate and carefully evaluated work. On this page you can read more about the many innovations that contribute to the sleep comfort in our beds. It truly is something out of the ordinary. 

Jensen® Original Zone System.

The Jensen® Original Zone System combines a soft shoulder zone with built-in support for the lower back.

Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology.

An upgraded spring system that creates a whole new world of sleep comfort. Jensen Pocket On Pocket allows the body to sink deeper into the mattress and provides the support needed to increase your sleep quality. The pocket in the lower suspension provides stable comfort without disturbing lateral movements (in double bed).

Jensen Aloy® Spring System.

Jensen Aloy® is our best and most flexible spring system, which continually adapts to various body positions and weight distributions. The spring system makes the entire mattress surface very soft, since the firmer zones only provide support when your body actually sinks into the mattress. Jensen Aloy® has an extra broad shoulder zone that provides greater freedom of movement and flexibility as well as contributes to fantastic sleep comfort and improved pressure reduction. In addition, soft transitions between the zones ensure that the bed gives optimal sleep quality.

Inside a Jensen bed.

1. Stretch fabrics
Stretch fabric usage on all sleep surfaces optimizes the properties of the spring systems and contributes to even better sleep quality.

2. Washing instructions
All sleep surfaces are washable at 60°C to ensure optimal hygiene.

3. The filling materials
All our filling materials provide excellent air and moisture transportation. As a result, our beds are allergy friendly and hygienic.

4. Fabrics
Jensen uses only foam-laminated fabrics that conceal the transition between the firm and soft parts of the mattress. All textiles used in the collection are high-quality furniture fabrics.

5. Jensen bases
All Jensen Nordic bases in this collection have reversible boxes that substantially extend the lifespan of the bases. Concealed zippers give the beds an attractive look.

A passion for craftsmanship.

Sleep expertise.