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Jensen Original Zone System gives you heavenly sleep.

Jensen Original Zone System helps your bed provide the right support for the whole body when you rest and sleep. Support for the curve of the back in combination with a soft shoulder zone gives the bed all the qualities required for optimal sleep comfort. The principle of the zone system is as obvious as it is natural. Most are wider over the hips and shoulders, while the waist is heaviest and often narrower. Since the mattress's task is to support the body, the zones of the mattress provide a smoother and more comfortable support, where the shoulders and hips sink slightly deeper into the bed's mattress and get a firmer support. The effect is the same whether you are lying on your back or side.

The correct sleeping position.

To sleep in a way that provides comfortable rest for the whole body and maximum sleep quality, our experts recommend that you lie on your side or back. If you are lying on your stomach today, you can get used to a new sleeping position with a little exercise. It may take a few nights, but over time you will find that you sleep more peacefully and with better sleep quality, making good use of every hour you spend in bed.

Example of an excessively hard mattress.

Hips and shoulders do not sink into the mattress and as a result the waist and lower back are not properly supported. As a consequence, you will wake up more often to change your sleeping position, resulting in poor sleep quality.

Example of an excessively soft mattress.

Here, the body sinks too deep into the mattress, as it would in a hammock, and the spine is unnaturally curved. Also in this case, the poor comfort means that your sleep quality suffers, and you will not wake up as well rested as needed.

Example of a perfect mattress.

The mattress provides an even, comfortable support. Hips and shoulders sink into the mattress just enough, so that the spine is straight. The waist and lower back get optimal support and the quality of sleep achieved will help you get the most out of every hour you spend in bed.

We recommend sleeping on your back.

The best position to lie in bed is on your back, especially if you have a relatively soft mattress or an adjustable bed.

A passion for craftsmanship.

Sleep expertise.