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The sleep that makes your day.

Life is made of moments. The ones that pass you by without notice, and the ones that make a difference. The right word at just the right time. The final push before the finish line. Seconds that define you. Whether it’s about running faster or thinking sharper, you need to be fully rested to perform your best. And we believe that you should never be held back because you’re tired.  For 76 years, we have committed ourselves to perfecting sleep comfort. Because while we know you’ll want to stay in our beds for 8 hours a night, we also know you seldom can. That’s why we make the most of every second of your sleep, so you can make the most of your day. 

It’s not just a bed. It’s a Jensen.

The team developing our beds has expertise in many areas, including physiology and sleep science. Innovations such as Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment, our unique zone system and the Aloy® spring system contribute to better sleep comfort, limiting the need to wake and change your sleeping position. Because the less disruption you experience, the better.


Friendly to nature. And you.

Our beds are made in Norway using only materials, production methods and suppliers that live up to our high standards. That means being sustainable for everyone; environmentally, socially and economically. To prove our sincerity we work with the leading sustainability labels, and in particular the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, It makes us sleep better at night. 


Sleep pioneers since 1947.

Ever since we started making beds, we have worked hard to improve sleep quality. Throughout the years we have contributed to a number of advanced technical solutions. Still, our most important asset is our strong tradition in bed making and the passion, dedication and craftsmanship of our workers.