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Awake Tea - Blackcurrant, Matcha

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Staying focused throughout the day can be a challenge – especially if you haven't slept as long or with the quality of sleep you need to perform both at work and in your private life. 

Sleepacy's daytime tea contains natural ingredients with an effect that helps you feel more alert. The first-class blend is produced locally in Sweden in collaboration with Tehuset Java, a family business with close to a hundred years of experience. The tea contains caffeine and herbs to help keep you going during the day, without impairing your sleep quality. The organic ingredients are carefully selected.

Use one tablespoon per cup. Steep for three to five minutes in hot water (70-85°C) for optimal flavour. Complete your tea supply with our Wind-Down and Wake-Up teas.

> Ingredients: blackcurrants, redcurrants, lemon balm, lemongrass, Weymouth pine (Pinus strobus), sunflower, matcha powder, natural aroma
> Contains caffeine

Weight: 100g per package.