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Jensen Soft Protect Mattress Topper Protection

Sale price€130,00

Jensen SoftProtect mattress topper protector is easy to put on and use. If necessary, they are also easy to clean. The surface is wipeable and you can also easily remove the protection from the mattress and machine wash. Jensen Softprotect mattress protection also counteracts the appearance of mites in the mattress.

The material is thin and flexible with a surface that has been specially treated to resist moisture. Despite its moisture-repellent properties, the mattress topper protector still lets air through and allows the bed to ventilate. At the same time, SoftProtect is soft and comfortable, with stretch in the fabric, which means that the cover shapes itself to the mattress topper and provides both good sleeping comfort and good protection over the entire mattress surface.

A mattress cover is a smart investment for anyone who wants to extend the life of their mattress. This applies not least to families with children, but also to those who like to eat breakfast in bed and want to protect their mattress from stains."

Water repellent BAYGARD® WRS

Jensen SoftProtect contains BAYGARD® WRS, which is composed of special polymers that ensure a high and durable water repellent effect. BAYGARD® WRS do not contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals or formaldehyde. 

The SoftProtect cover goes through a bath with a mix of water and BAYGARD® WRS. The cover is then pressed between two big rollers. At the end of the process it is dried at 155°C.

Washable: Jensen SoftProtect can be easily washed at 60˚C. No tumbler drying. No ironing

Warranty: 5 years
Fabric: 100% polyester
Color: White

Size (cm):