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Pillow Case Cotton Satin - Piping

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Jensen Pillow Case Cotton satin is made of high-quality cotton with optimal breathability. As we tend to sweat a lot during the night, good moisture transport properties are essential to balance your body temperature so you can continue to sleep soundly. The cotton's long fibers are extra durable, which means that the pillow case maintains its quality even after washing at high temperatures.

A comfortable bed with soft, breathable sheets is essential for your sleep quality. With a balanced body temperature throughout the night, the risk of sleeping restlessly due to being too hot or cold is reduced. Give yourself the best conditions to wake up fully rested in the morning.

> Size: 50x60 cm and 60x80 cm
> Washable: Can be washed at up to 60°C
> Composition: 100% cotton satin, 350 TC
> Colors: White, Light Beige, Evening Blue