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Steel Tea Strainer

Sale price€15,00

Tea strainer for optimal taste.

Our tea selection with natural ingredients is developed for all stages of the day. The energizing Wake-Up and Awake teas help you feel refreshed. They can also reboot your body after a good night’s sleep. The evening teas are developed to help you wind down and fall asleep faster.
The tea strainer in stainless steel fits most cups and teapots. It is designed to give you the best drinking experience, by effectively maximizing the taste of the tea leaves and herbs.
The high-quality tea strainers are made by Tehuset Java. The family-run company has been in business for generations and has close to 100 years of experience. Discover our Wake-Up, Awake and Wind-Down teas to accompany your tea strainer.

> Stainless steel
> 12 cm diameter, shortest diameter 7,6 cm. Depth 8,5 cm.