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Signature J2 Continental + Sleep I Topper

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The J2 is the introduction model in the Signature Collection and provides the baseline for Jensen sleep comfort. It’s equipped with the Jensen® Original Zone System in combination with the innovative Ease concept. It features Sense 2.0 springs to provide comfort and support.

With the Seamless textile solution the entire bed frame is covered. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the beds’ new, elegant and unique look.

This bed comes as a complete set with mattress, base, and mattress topper. Please note bed legs are ordered additionally, our selection can be seen further down on this page and selected below. Custom sizes are not available.

 Sleep comfort and bed care with Ease.

J2 is fitted with our innovative Ease-concept. It provides unique qualities in both sleep comfort and bed care. The high-quality springs eliminate the need to rotate the mattress while keeping its lifespan intact and ensuring that the bed remains comfortable and supportive for years to come.

Our continental beds have whole sleeping surfaces, without hard edges in the middle. However, the technology still allows one to choose the degree of firmness individually. 

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Explore the Signature J2 Continental

Mattress Spring System

A sensitive spring system whereby each spring is wrapped in a little fabric bag (pocket). The consequence is that each spring works individually and this leads to improved pressure reduction and more equal pressure distribution. A steel edge at the top and the bottom of the springs provides substantial side stability. The system of five zones, with a soft shoulder zone and built-in support for the user’s lower back, increases comfort because it reduces the pressure and distributes it more evenly, irrespective of the person’s build or body position.

Sleep I Split Mattress Topper Jensen Store

Mattress Topper

This bed comes with the Jensen Sleep I topper. The core of the Jensen Sleep I topper is made of a 5 cm Cellex XS filling with one smooth and one grooved side. Most of our customers find the smooth side firmer and the grooved side softer. The Sleep I topper provides great air and moisture transportation. Its cover is composed of Lyocell with Sensity™, helping to keep the bed fresh, dry and more hygienic.

Height: 8 cm

Technical Specifications

1. Jensen Sleep I
2. Cellex XS 3 cm
3. Jensen Ease Sense 2.0 12,5 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
4. Cellex XS 1,5 cm
5. Jensen Support Pocket 12,5 cm

Evolution: Inside