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Signature J2 Dream + Sleep I Topper

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The Signature Jensen J2 Dream has all the functions you need to easily adjust your bed to your body’s current needs as well as activities such as reading or even having breakfast in bed. It can either be placed on a bed base or have legs attached. The mattress on the base is a Jensen reversible mattress. With just the push of a button you can raise or lower the bed from both ends to adjust the bed to your liking.

The J2 Dream is the introduction model in the Signature Collection and provides the baseline for Jensen sleep comfort. It’s equipped with the Jensen® Original Zone System in combination with the innovative Ease concept. It features Sense 2.0 springs to provide comfort and support.

With the Seamless textile solution the entire bed frame is covered. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the beds’ new, elegant and unique look.

This bed comes as a complete set with mattress, base, and mattress topper. Please note bed legs are ordered additionally, our selection can be seen further down on this page and selected below.

Sleep comfort and bed care with Ease.

J2 is fitted with our innovative Ease-concept. It provides unique qualities in both sleep comfort and bed care. The high-quality springs eliminate the need to rotate the mattress while keeping its lifespan intact and ensuring that the bed remains comfortable and supportive for years to come.


 The headrest function adapts the bed so that your neck and head are always in the right position when sitting upright. 

 Stepless adjustment up/down for both head and foot end, individually or together. 

 Two beds can be connected and controlled in sync by one remote.  

 Download our app to easily find and save your favorite position. Supports voice control. 

 Adjust the bed position using voice control.

Size (cm):
Textile Color:

Explore the Signature J2 Dream

Mattress Spring System

The Jensen Intro Springs are wrapped individually in fabric bags and distributed into our Original 5 Zone System, providing support for the arch of the lower back in combination with a soft shoulder zone. The steel frame around the top and bottom of the springs offer great side stability.

Sleep I Split Mattress Topper Jensen Store

Mattress Topper

This bed comes with the Jensen Sleep I topper. The core of the Jensen Sleep I topper is made of a 5 cm Cellex XS filling with one smooth and one grooved side. Most of our customers find the smooth side firmer and the grooved side softer. The Sleep I topper provides great air and moisture transportation. Its cover is composed of Lyocell with Sensity™, helping to keep the bed fresh, dry and more hygienic.

Height: 8 cm

Technical Specifications

1. Jensen Sleep I
2. Cellex XS 3 cm
3. Jensen Ease Sense 2.0 12,5 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
4. Cellex XS 1,5 cm

Evolution: Inside