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Signature J6 Aqtive II + Optima Topper

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Explore the Signature J6 Aqtive II

Mattress Spring System

The 16 cm Aloy® 3.0 is our latest innovation in advanced spring systems. It takes care of the entire body, including the hips, which just like the shoulders, are a vulnerable part of the body. This mattress is composed of triple pocket springs distributed into Jensen’s Original 5 Zone System providing support for the arch of the lower back in combination with a soft shoulder zone. These triple springs soften the entire mattress surface since the inner springs only comes into contact with your body when you sink into the mattress. The secret behind our upgraded Aloy® 3.0 spring system is an extra soft shoulder zone to reduce pressure on this part of the body, particularly important for those who mostly sleep on their side.

Jensen TempSmart™ Mattress Topper Protector Jensen Store

Mattress Topper

This bed comes with our Optima Topper. This voluminous and luxurious mattress topper is covered with a magnificent and very comfortable quilt design fabric, providing a truly exceptional sleeping experience. The core of the topper is composed of Innergetic® Latex with an open cell structure that ensures optimal air and moisture transportation. It is perforated throughout to ensure optimal ventilation with one side grooved and the other smooth, resulting in a softer and firmer side, respectively. Latex inhibits bacteria and dust mite, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bed climate.

Height: 10 cm.

Technical Specifications

1. Jensen Optima mattress topper
2. Aloy® 3.0 Pocket 16 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Innergetic® Latex 3 cm
4. Jensen Reflect Pocket 7 cm

Evolution: Inside