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Travel Sleep Mask

Sale price€60,00

Sleep mask in mulberry silk.

Historically, our sleeping cycle was regulated by natural light. Today, artificial light makes it harder for the body and brain to know when it is time to wind down. If keeping your bedroom dark at night, your ability to fall asleep and maintain a deep and long sleep increases.

Our Sleep Mask is made from mulberry silk and soft breathable latex. It is a great complement to shield yourself from light at night, especially during the Scandinavian summers. The silk has natural repelling properties to dust and dirt. It is also lightweight, highly breathable and very soft to your skin, which is good for the skin’s natural regeneration process taking place when we sleep. The breathability of the silk and latex allows it to wick moisture away from your face and keep your sleep mask clean. The natural fibres also have the ability to warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

> Wash at up to 30°C
> Made from 100% mulberry silk and filled with soft latex
> Size: 66 x 7.5 cm
> Can be individually adjusted for a better fit