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Wake Up Tea - Floral Yerba

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A good morning routine will help you wake up properly so you can perform at the peak of your ability for the day ahead. Sleepacy's refreshing tea helps you get off to a good start through natural ingredients with the ability to boost your energy levels. 

Sleepacy's invigorating Yerba Floral Tea is a premium blend with a combination of caffeine and organic herbs to help you maintain energy throughout the day, without compromising your sleep quality. The tea is produced in Sweden in collaboration with Tehuset Java, a family business with close to a hundred years of experience.

Use one tablespoon per cup. Steep for three to five minutes in hot water (95-98°C) for optimal flavour. Complete your tea supply with our Wind-Down and Awake teas.

> Ingredients: yerba mate (Brazil), sunflower, red mallow, natural aroma
> Contains caffeine

Weight: 100g per package.