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Wind Down Candle - Lavender

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Candle scented with calming lavender.

Scents are processed in the same part of the brain as feelings and memories. This causes different fragrances to have different mood-enhancing effects, which can help you wind down and fall asleep better. Scents can also energize you and help you to concentrate and read better.

Our scented candle with lavender is made to create the perfect ambiance for winding down. Lavender has long been used for its calming abilities, as the scent can help you relax both your body and mind. As it is made of natural ingredients, it can turn into a massage or skin oil when soft.

With a design fit for any interior, our scented candles bring a feeling of warmth and joy to your home.

> Made from soya and rapeseed waxes with coconut oil
> Scented with calming lavender
> Burning time: 40h
> Size: 20 cl
> May produce an allergic reaction, seek medical attention if you receive any symptoms. Keep out of reach of children and do not ingest. Recycle to avoid any harm to the environment.