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Wind Down Tea - Fennel, Orange, Cinnamon, Licorice

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In order to give yourself the best conditions to wake up completely rested in the morning, you need to wind down even before you go to bed for the night. A calming tea can be a way to create a routine that relieves stress and prepares you for a good night's sleep. 

Sleepacy's soothing evening tea is caffeine-free and contains only natural ingredients that can help you relax. The first-class blend is produced locally in Sweden in collaboration with Tehuset Java, a family business with close to a hundred years of experience.The organic chamomile is carefully selected from nature.

Use one tablespoon per cup. Leave to steep for at least five minutes in hot water (95-98 °C) for the best taste. Complete your tea supply with our Wake-Up and Awake teas.

> Ingredients: orange peel, cinnamon pieces, fennel, licorice root, cardamom (whole), ginger, juniper berries, quince, dandelion roots, cloves, peppercorns

Weight: 100g per package.