The right mattress topper helps make a good night's sleep even better. It should feel encompassing and soft, while allowing the zone system to provide the body support, without giving a clammy feeling.  The design and selection of the right materials are not random. The design of all of our mattress toppers has been improved to increase the look, stretch and softness. An optimized zone quilt that is tighter in the shoulder and hip area increases the fabric's elasticity, allowing you to sink further down into all SoftLine mattress toppers than before. It also better reinforces our philosophy surrounding the Jensen Original Zone System®. A further development of the fill material increases personalization by creating a softer and firmer side.



Jensen's design team has further developed this collection with Norwegian Heritage and Norwegian traditions as a starting point. They got their inspiration from traditional Norwegian knitting patterns and details from Norwegian national dresses. Jensen's zone system, with its soft and firm zones, can be easily recognized in the design. A glossier thread at the bottom of the fabric adds extra depth to the expression of the design.